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News of EuroChem Laboratories

April, 17th: Recently we had some technical problems with servers, but it is fixed now,  site and SHOP are working as usual. Feel free to contact us with your orders or questions.

Now you can place the order directly and it will be sent via one of our legit official distributors!

Sales and Distribution department:
If you are looking to buy our products, if you want to buy WHOLESALE or become our DISTRIBUTOR feel free to contact us. We will offer favourable conditions of partnership.

Now our Laboratory is offering RESEARCH PEPTIDES and CUSTOM compounds!
We produce the most popular research peptides for sale. We can synthesize CUSTOM peptides for your needs.
We can provide a CUSTOM preparations of specific compounds or blends for your needs.
If you need to produce a specific product that we do not have currently in production contact us and we will produce it for you!

We resumed production of orals in 2013. At present moment we produce such oral products: Methanol, Stanol, Oxanol, Turanol and Clomid.
Production of Oxythol will be resumed in December, 2013. Also, new product - Nolvadex will be available soon.

There are NO official distributors of our products on the territory of Poland. All EuroChem products sold in Poland are fake!

Attention: Many fake products appeared on the market!

There are some basic features that allow to see if the product is legit:

EuroChemLabs fakes vials

VIALS Basic feature of our injectable products is shape of vial. 10ml vials are special type and it is very hard to get them for counterfeiters. You can just measure the overall height of the vial (with top), it must be 5cm (1.97 in), no higher. Ussually fake vials are 5.5 cm - 6 cm (2.16 in - 2.36 in).

We have not seen fake 5ml vials, cause these vials are also very hard to get and counterfeiters prefer 10ml. So, we can say that all 5ml vials must be real.

Please, pay attention to the difference between the necks of the vials: the fake one has shorter and more rounded neck than the original vial.

Please, report us any cases of scam, fraudery or fake products. We strongly recommend you to check your dealer with our website clicking "check your supplier".

Attention: Starting from 2009 we produce injectables with diagonal strips on labels. At present moment there are NO vials with old labels left on the market. If the label does not have diagonal strips on it - the product is definitely FAKE.

Attention: New labels!

New labels on EuroChem injections

Attention: 5 and 10 ml vials now have new label design with diagonal the convex strips on it.

New holograms on EuroChem injections

Labels with convex strips and holograms for EC-Factor, EC-Tropin and HGC will be introduced gradually. For some time vials with and without strips/holograms will circulate simultanceously.